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General Health, Well Being & Maintenance

Degeneration is a natural force due to aging, resulting in aging related disorders. Acupuncture is helpful for delaying degeneration and strengthening inner energy for maintaining excellent wellbeing. Physical and mental wellbeing needs to have regular care and maintenance. Chinese medicine focuses on patient-balance physically, mentally, and overall well being. Acupuncture is good for boosting the immune system and helps restore energy flow, tissue repair and cleansing. Acupuncture maintenance is a key to achieving optimal health.

Health/Well-being Maintenance:
  • Inner balance maintenance
  • Boosting immune system


[Maintenance testimonial]

Multiple Conditions: Jan 2013

Dr Sarah Quan continually impresses me. Over the past few years, I had used her as a "last resort" for a few medical problems that I was having, and she has come through for me every time. Not only has she alleviated each issue that I have come to see her for, but she has also repaired things that I had just accepted as life and not even complained about. She is kind, caring and genuinely concerned about everyone that comes to see her. I believe that she sincerely wants to improve the quality of life of each of her patients. She is knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive. I have also referred my sister to her and she is now seeing marked improvement in her general health. I must say that I now consider Dr Quan to be my first line of intervention and not my last resort. Thank you Dr Quan.



[Wellbeing maintenance testimonial]

Fatigue: August 2003

After going through 2 of the most stressful years of my life, which followed 9 operations in 10 years, I was suffering with extreme adrenal fatigue. I myself am in the alternative health field and work as a Nutritional Consultant. I eat a completely organic whole food diet, drinks lots of filtered water, practice yoga and meditation. I normally have no problems with elimination. I reached a point whereby I was so exhausted and unwell I could barely function. I was depressed, unable to sleep and constipated. I had tried several other therapies before seeing Sarah. Within 2 sessions my bowel movements improved and after 5 sessions I felt stronger and my sleeping patterns improved.
I would highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Sarah Quan to anyone who needs rebalancing. She is a very warm, caring, professional person.

Carla Austen

[wellbeing mantenance testimonial]

Excessive Sweating:
I have had a problem with excessive sweating for the past few years. My family physician ran tests on me and referred me to a specialist, but they were unable to diagnose the problem and help me. After a few acupuncture treatments with Sarah, the problem has disappeared! I am so pleased with the results that I have continued the treatments for other problems such as back and knee pain.

Michael Dobovich


[Respiratory disorder and maintenance testimonial]

Low Immunity and Energy: Feb 2013

I have had a number of chronic conditions stemming from my compromised immune system. At age 3, I was hospitalized for sixty days due to severe bronchial asthma. During my working career I seemed to pick up every cold and flu that was going around, often leaving me bedridden. At age 49, I developed type 1 diabetes.

I became aware of Dr. Quan through a friend who was her patient and made an inquiry through her office to determine if acupuncture could relieve my nasal congestion. I was informed that she has had success in treating this condition. At my first visit Dr. Quan diagnosed that my immune system needed to be strengthened. She also noticed that my hands and feet were on the cold side and needed better blood flow.

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for approximately 1 ½ years and during that period I haven’t had a severe cold or flu to put me out of commission. I have noticed increased warmth in my hands and feet. I have also noticed a slight decrease in my insulin requirements to control my diabetes.

In my view, these are significant results which I can only attribute to acupuncture therapy. I am grateful for Dr. Quan’s professional approach and her kind and compassionate personality.


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