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Pain is one of the conditions that are most frequently treated by acupuncture. More and more research has demonstrated convincing evidence that acupuncture is highly effective in pain reduction and management, regardless of the types of pain.

Pain Management:
- Arthritis
- Back pain
- Cancer
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Fibromyalgia
- Gout
- Migraines/headaches
- Muscle/joint injuries
- Post operative pain
- Sciatica
- Shingles/Post-herpetic neuralgia
- Tendonitis

[Knee Pain testimonial]

[Migraine Pain testimonial]

[Neck & Shoulder Pain testimonial]


[Pain testimonial]

Knee and Carpal Tunnel Pain: Feb 2013

My job had me driving a car and at a computer for long periods of time. I developed very painful knee pain. It was so bad that I had difficulty walking and sleeping. I also noticed over a period of time that I developed tingling and numbness in my thumb, index, and middle finger with sudden shooting pains in my thumb, fingers and sometimes palm.

A collogue encouraged me to see Dr. Quan. I had developed a fear of needles, but I finally decided I needed to do something and I didn’t want to take drugs that might have side effects. I remember after the first treatment the pain in my knees lessened and I found the treatment very relaxing. I continued acupuncture treatments with Dr. Quan. After a couple of months, I no longer had problems with either my knees or hands. It has been five years since the first time I saw Dr. Quan. My knees continue to be pain free. I have had to go back once a year ago for a treatment for my hands and again now. The treatment has alleviated the pain and helps get rid of the stiffness.

Dr. Quan has a very professional manner. She has shown a genuine interest in my well being and I can confidently say she has given me a better quality of life due to acupuncture. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Quan for drug free pain management in these areas.

Gloria from Calgary


[Pain testimonial]

Fibromyalgia: Jan 2013

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Sarah Quan for over two years. After our daughter's wedding in 2010, my fibromyalgia flared up and I was no longer able to deal with the continuous pain, upset digestion and overwhelming fatigue. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Quan. With her great knowledge of TCM I have responded positively to the acupuncture treatments. In addition, she has suggested a few herbal treatments for my digestive problems and these have worked very well. Over the years I have increased my endurance and my sleep. My overall health has greatly improved. Thanks to her caring and gentle nature, I have regained the ability to enjoy my life again.

An appreciative Calgary patient


[Pain testimonial]

Back and Knee Pain: Feb 2013

Over the years what started as a slight limp ended up with an ankle that had pain most of the time. Because of the need to compensate for the ankle the muscles around my right hip began to stress and tighten up, when the knees began to hurt I became concerned that in the next few years I would be using a cane.

Physiotherapy helped but didn’t resolve the continuing problem. A friend, who was a patient of Dr. Quan’s, had had a hip injury many years before and after a short time as a patient of Dr. Quan had seen significant results. At my first visit Dr. Quan asked if I had ever had an injury to my tailbone, sure enough I had been in a car accident as a child. After the first treatment the muscles around my hip felt less tense.

Though I was very nervous about my first treatment I am grateful that Dr. Quan was patient with me and over the past year acupuncture has alleviated muscle stress from my neck and shoulders through to my ankle.

I have recommended Dr. Quan because I believe in her ability, appreciate her professionalism, and am grateful for her warm caring manner.



[Pain testimonial]

Neuroma and Shoulder Pain: Jan 2013

Dr. Quan is a kind, gentle, and very professional doctor. I am delighted with Dr. Quan and how she has been able to help me with various issues over the past 8 months. I had been suffering with Neuroma for about 6 months, and my podiatrist had tried several techniques with little success. My podiatrist referred me to Dr. Quan to assist with my pain. Within 3 appointments the pain had greatly subsided, and after an additional 4 treatments, my foot is "normal" again. Without Dr. Quan, surgery was going to be my only option for the Neuroma. I had not considered acupuncture as a treatment method, but I am eternally grateful my podiatrist introducing me to Dr. Quan and acupuncture.

More recently, I injured my neck and shoulder chiseling ice and snow off of my in-laws driveway. The pain was intense, and I was suffering from nerve issues as well. I had pain down my right arm, and was unable to lift anything heavy with my right hand. I had received several Active Release Therapy sessions when my doctor suggested. I tried acupuncture to assist with the pain and nerve issues. I received 3 acupuncture sessions with Dr. Quan, and I am now able to lift objects with my right hand/arm.

Dr. Quan is wonderful to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture care.

Shannon L.

Grade 2 teacher


[Pain testimonial]

Plantar Facitis:
Dr. Sarah Quan is a very knowledgeable doctor of acupuncture and herbs wellness. Even though she is a very competent doctor, she continuously takes courses to better serve her patients.
I have been a patient of Dr. Quan's for two years. I initially went to see Dr. Quan for plantar facitis, which caused severe pain in both my feet. After my initial series of five acupuncture treatments my left foot was pain free and has reindexed so. The problems with my right foot are more chronic. I have received treatments about every six months for my foot problem.
Sarah is a very diligent doctor and in an effort to cure me, she introduced my case in an acupuncture course she was taking. Her variations in my treatments allowed me to be pain free for several months.
I lead an active life and want to continue hiking and power walking. My job as a teacher requires me to be on my feet a great deal. Prior to acupuncture treatments I was concerned that I would have to alter my physical activities. Fortunately I don't feel that way now, with each series of treatments my right foot has gotten progressively better. Recently I went on a long jarring hike over many boulders and large tree roots, which caused my foot paint to flare up. After one acupuncture treatment the pain subsided greatly. After two treatments I resumed my normal walking activities.
I have acquired a great respect for Sarah's knowledge and I have sought her medical advice on several minor conditions, which she has effectively treated.
Sarah is very proficient in using acupuncture to relieve pain caused by various conditions. While treating patients for pain, she uses her expert medical knowledge to actively look for the source of a problem, so that she can find a remedy.
I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Sarah Quan to anyone searching for a very professional and knowledgeable doctor of acupuncture and herbs wellness.

Sandra Mykytiuk Evans
Special Education Teacher


 [Pain testimonial]

Cancer and Post-surgery Pain: August 2003

I began seeing Sarah Quan for pain in my abdomen and sore ribs following surgery for cancer in my left kidney in March 2002. My scar runs from just under my left breast down to my belly button. In order to perform the surgery, it was necessary to break two of my ribs.
The pain I was experiencing was similar to that of having feet go to sleep, then wake up. It was tingling and I even had some areas on my abdomen that were numb. My ribs were still quite sore and as a result, my body overcompensated causing a very sore neck.
Other treatments I had, included massage and fascia work for the first nine months following my surgery.

My urologist who performed the surgery said that if I didn't get the feeling back to normal on my abdomen, it was probable that I would have to have another surgery to unblock the nerves that may have become trapped when they stitched me up. I had heard about some of the good results that people had from seeing Sarah and I thought I would give her a try. After a couple of treatments I began noticing that the numb areas were starting to have some feeling in them. Each treatment after that, there was noticeable improvement. It was approximately 7 or 8 treatments and my abdomen is back to normal. When I had my yearly checkup with my surgeon, I told him about the treatments I had been getting from Sarah and he asked if I had a card as it was obvious that she was able to get results that may have required surgery to remedy. My neck pain is completely gone as Sarah is very diligent in treating all my areas of concern.
I still continue to see Sarah and work with her on other health issues. I am in complete trust of her skill and competency as an acupuncturist and herbalist. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. As a matter of fact, three other family members are or have been in her care also.

A Healy

[Pain testimonial]

Abdominal Pain:  
I had suffered from abdominal pain for several years after en emergency c-section. I went to my doctor numerous times with complaints and was finally sent to a specialist. His first diagnosis was for surgery. Two years later, the same doctor changed his diagnosis and suggested physiotherapy with no assurances it would work. My husband suggested that I see an acupuncturist and that he had spoken with Dr. Quan several months earlier. After seeing Dr. Quan only three times the pain was virtually gone. I was nice to go through h a day without pain. I am almost completely cured after several treatments.


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