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Testimonials 2012

[Mouth disorder testimonial]

Ophthalmooral-genital syndrome

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a mild case of Liken Planus. This condition caused mild ulcers in my mouth and on my penus. Initially, it would last 2 or 3 weeks then disappear for many months only to return again and again. This continued until early 2002, at which time the condition persisted. The ulcers gradually progressed and worsened over a period of many months and eventually spread to my lower lip. This caused my entire lip from one end to the other to split, fester and bleed most nights. The natural coating on my tongue was also disappearing and everyday activities of eating and cleaning my teeth became very difficult, uncomfortable and often caused bleeding.

My family doctor was unable to offer any solutions to the problem and referred me to some traditional medical specialists. I visited each of them only to learn that the cause and treatment of Liken Planus is mostly guess work. These specialists prescribed anti-viral, anti-biotic or cortisone-based remedies, none of which provides a cure. This I know because my Liken Planus had thrived during past periods while I was actually taking those medications for other ailments. One specialist recommended surgery to remove the infection, which I declined.

I next consulted a Naturopathic Doctor in July 2004 looking for an alternative solution. His proposed solution was to take a random selection of pre-bottled herbs and to radically change my diet. Even though the diet was impractical, I tried it seriously over an 8 week period with the following results. My condition improved slightly during the first 3 weeks, then reversed completely during the following weeks. The herbs caused diarrhea almost immediately so I had to stop them. This was clearly not the answer.

In September 2004, still in dire need of a solution, I decided to try Acupuncture and contacted Dr. Sarah Quan, who is a specialist in the field of Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. She assessed my condition and immediately began a series of Acupuncture treatments followed by a regimen of specially formulated Herbs. Within the first few weeks, my condition improved noticeably. My lip healed nicely and the ulcers in my mouth slowly diminished. As explained by Dr. Sarah, there were imbalances in my body that caused a range of problems, many of which I was not aware of. I was unable to identify and deal with these imbalances while coping with the overwhelming problem of the Liken Planus. But as treatments progressed, I was able to realize overall improvements in several bodily functions in addition to blessed relief from the ulcers. The benefits that I have thus far received from Acupuncture have convinced me that I am on track to good health.

In addition to an ongoing maintenance program of Acupuncture and Herbal treatments, Dr Sarah provides me wise council on dietary matters and other health issues that impact the severity of my condition. When I follow her council, the Liken Planus symptoms remain under control.

Eric, Calgary Senior Citizen


[Pain testimonial]

Plantar Facitis:
Dr. Sarah Quan is a very knowledgeable doctor of acupuncture and herbs wellness. Even though she is a very competent doctor, she continuously takes courses to better serve her patients.
I have been a patient of Dr. Quan's for two years. I initially went to see Dr. Quan for plantar facitis, which caused severe pain in both my feet. After my initial series of five acupuncture treatments my left foot was pain free and has reindexed so. The problems with my right foot are more chronic. I have received treatments about every six months for my foot problem.
Sarah is a very diligent doctor and in an effort to cure me, she introduced my case in an acupuncture course she was taking. Her variations in my treatments allowed me to be pain free for several months.
I lead an active life and want to continue hiking and power walking. My job as a teacher requires me to be on my feet a great deal. Prior to acupuncture treatments I was concerned that I would have to alter my physical activities. Fortunately I don't feel that way now, with each series of treatments my right foot has gotten progressively better. Recently I went on a long jarring hike over many boulders and large tree roots, which caused my foot paint to flare up. After one acupuncture treatment the pain subsided greatly. After two treatments I resumed my normal walking activities.
I have acquired a great respect for Sarah's knowledge and I have sought her medical advice on several minor conditions, which she has effectively treated.
Sarah is very proficient in using acupuncture to relieve pain caused by various conditions. While treating patients for pain, she uses her expert medical knowledge to actively look for the source of a problem, so that she can find a remedy.
I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Sarah Quan to anyone searching for a very professional and knowledgeable doctor of acupuncture and herbs wellness.

Sandra Mykytiuk Evans
Special Education Teacher


 [Pain testimonial]

Cancer and Post-surgery Pain: August 2003

I began seeing Sarah Quan for pain in my abdomen and sore ribs following surgery for cancer in my left kidney in March 2002. My scar runs from just under my left breast down to my belly button. In order to perform the surgery, it was necessary to break two of my ribs.
The pain I was experiencing was similar to that of having feet go to sleep, then wake up. It was tingling and I even had some areas on my abdomen that were numb. My ribs were still quite sore and as a result, my body overcompensated causing a very sore neck.
Other treatments I had, included massage and fascia work for the first nine months following my surgery.

My urologist who performed the surgery said that if I didn't get the feeling back to normal on my abdomen, it was probable that I would have to have another surgery to unblock the nerves that may have become trapped when they stitched me up. I had heard about some of the good results that people had from seeing Sarah and I thought I would give her a try. After a couple of treatments I began noticing that the numb areas were starting to have some feeling in them. Each treatment after that, there was noticeable improvement. It was approximately 7 or 8 treatments and my abdomen is back to normal. When I had my yearly checkup with my surgeon, I told him about the treatments I had been getting from Sarah and he asked if I had a card as it was obvious that she was able to get results that may have required surgery to remedy. My neck pain is completely gone as Sarah is very diligent in treating all my areas of concern.
I still continue to see Sarah and work with her on other health issues. I am in complete trust of her skill and competency as an acupuncturist and herbalist. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. As a matter of fact, three other family members are or have been in her care also.

A Healy

[Pain testimonial]

Abdominal Pain:  
I had suffered from abdominal pain for several years after en emergency c-section. I went to my doctor numerous times with complaints and was finally sent to a specialist. His first diagnosis was for surgery. Two years later, the same doctor changed his diagnosis and suggested physiotherapy with no assurances it would work. My husband suggested that I see an acupuncturist and that he had spoken with Dr. Quan several months earlier. After seeing Dr. Quan only three times the pain was virtually gone. I was nice to go through h a day without pain. I am almost completely cured after several treatments.



[Women health testimonial]

Menopause Symptoms and Osteoarthritis: Jan 2008

My name is Joanne Squires. I am a 59 year old retired nurse. I came to see Dr. Quan because of severe menopause symptoms and osteoarthritis in my hands. I truthfully came as a last measure as I had done everything that my family doctor had suggested to ease my symptoms but my quality of life reindexed poor. The unrelenting hot flashes and insomnia left me chronically fatigued. I was having cortisone injections in my fingers every 3-4 months to ease the inflammation which helped for a short time and I was wearing braces for my thumb joints. After eight acupuncture treatments with Dr. Quan, my hot flashes are down to 1 or 2/day instead of every 2 hours and I am able to go back to sleep if a hot flash comes in the night. I finally feel rested and energetic again. The pain in my fingers is greatly reduced. I do not require the brace any longer and am able to enjoy playing the piano again. Best of all, I am drug free. My one regret is that I did not seek help from Dr. Quan earlier.

Joanne Squires


[women health testimonial]

Excessive sweating:

I first went to see Dr. Quan a year and a half ago, for my hyperhidrosis (basically, extensive sweating without any apparent reason or cause). I’ve had this condition my whole life, but in the previous years it had been getting worse and worse. I’d tried many things, such as medications and lotions, and nothing seemed to help my sweating.

When I went to see Dr. Quan, it was sort of as a last hope – western medicine had failed me so I thought I’d give traditional eastern medicine a try. At this point, I had severe sweating on my hands, feet and underarms and milder sweating almost all over me.

I was nervous at first, because I don’t like needles, but I found that the needles are tiny and they don’t hurt at all. After 3 appointments and some herbs she made up for me, I began to notice an improvement. I was still quite clammy, but my hands weren’t drippy and I could go barefoot without making wet spots on the floor. After 5 appointments, I was only clammy during a few hours each day, and it was only my hands and feet, no where else.

After a few more appointments and herbs, I considered myself cured. If I was hot or nervous, I’d sweat, but that’s perfectly normal. It was wonderful – I was sweat free for the first time in my life and now I can wear clothes in any colour or fabric without worrying about sweat marks on it. I shake hands with people with confidence, because I know that I won’t see a grimace on their faces.

Dr. Quan and her acupuncture and herbs have changed my life. I have recommended her to several people, with various health problems, and she has managed to help them as well. I would strongly recommend Dr. Quan and her medicine to anyone.

Teara Schreiner


[Women health testimonial]

Menopausal symptoms: Dec 2003

In May 2003, I was menopausal and had been suffering with night sweats and the resultant poor sleep for nearly a year. My family doctor had prescribed many different medications and herbs, all to no avail. I went to see Dr. Quan to see if acupuncture could be beneficial.

She took a detailed history and noted some physical signs, and was sure that acupuncture could alleviate my problem. Over the following month I had 5 sessions with numerous acupuncture points, and took her herbal remedy, and now, in late October, I continue to have restorative sleep and do not experience hot sweats.

I would highly recommend that women sharing my complaint try acupuncture.

Wanda Craig


[women health testimonial]

Menstrual Pain:
I have suffered from extremely painful menstrual cramps for over 10 years. My family physician recommended birth control to help with the pain, but I was still taking a lot of Ibuprofen to control the pain. I made the decision to discontinue taking birth control and the pain was so bad that my doctor recommended Tylenol 3. At this point I started acupuncture and herbal treatments with Sarah and within 2 months the cramps were so minimal that I did not have to take any medication at all! I continue to see Sarah once a month for indextenance and I am still taking the herbs until the pain is completely gone. I can't believe how well acupuncture has w orked and I recommend it as an alternative source of health care.
Lee Brocklebank


 [Both women health and urogenital disorder testimonial]

Yeast Infection:
For years I suffered from yeast infections. I went to the doctor who would prescribe the creams and the Diflucan pill. The symptoms did clear up but then they would be back and when I asked the doctor if there was an actual cure so I wouldn't get it anymore I didn't get a straight answer.
I started with the acupuncture and I started a sugar and bread free diet. Since I started the acupuncture I have not had a recurrence of the infection. I have also noticed that I have a lot more energy and when the different colds and flu's go around work I don't catch anything. I would recommend this to someone who is suffering from reacurrant yeast infections and don't forget to stick to the sugar free diet.
Stacy Noble


 [Wellbeing maintenance testimonial]

Fatigue: August 2003

After going through 2 of the most stressful years of my life, which followed 9 operations in 10 years, I was suffering with extreme adrenal fatigue. I myself am in the alternative health field and work as a Nutritional Consultant. I eat a completely organic whole food diet, drinks lots of filtered water, practice yoga and meditation. I normally have no problems with elimination. I reached a point whereby I was so exhausted and unwell I could barely function. I was depressed, unable to sleep and constipated. I had tried several other therapies before seeing Sarah. Within 2 sessions my bowel movements improved and after 5 sessions I felt stronger and my sleeping patterns improved.
I would highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Sarah Quan to anyone who needs rebalancing. She is a very warm, caring, professional person.

Carla Austen


[wellbeing mantenance testimonial]

Excessive Sweating:
I have had a problem with excessive sweating for the past few years. My family physician ran tests on me and referred me to a specialist, but they were unable to diagnose the problem and help me. After a few acupuncture treatments with Sarah, the problem has disappeared! I am so pleased with the results that I have continued the treatments for other problems such as back and knee pain.

Michael Dobovich


[Nervous system disorder testimonial]

MS: March 2004

I am Ann and I am 53 years old. I was diagnosed with M. S. in 1979. I had to quit working in 1982. I was employed as a nurse in British Columbia. I have had to deal with chronic progressive M.S. for the past 5 years, therefore, not having remission anymore. Since I have begun having acupuncture with Sarah, I no longer have to use my cane to assist in walking and especially controlling my balance. Now I have to get up only once during the night to void. My M.S. has improved by about 90%.

Ann Zaradic


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