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Testimonials 2014

[Panic Attack]

Panic Attack: Oct 20, 2014

It was this summer of 2014 when I knew I had had enough. I suffered a really scary panic attack in July, and was starting to have frequent nightmares. My nightmares affected me, even into my daily routine. I started looking for solutions to the problem and found out that acupuncture could help. I searched online and came across Sarah Quan’s practice. When I first met with her she was confident in what to do about the problem. Sure enough I started to see results, even just after the first visit. It was definitely gradual, but I knew it was working. With a combination of some traditional Chinese herbs and knowing what spots to target, Sarah has really helped me improve my quality of life. I definitely would go back to her in a heartbeat if for some reason need be, and would recommend her to my friends and family.

Shenica Dariusl


[Period Pain]

Period Pain: Sept 18, 2014

My periods have been getting heavier and causing me much discomfort over the years. Occasionally I would pass out due to the pain. Lately I have been taking ridiculous amounts of ibuprofen and Tylenol for the menstrual pain. I have tried different analgesics from my doctor as well as a variety of birth control pills and hormone tablets with minimal effect. I have been terrified of needles in my entire life, so that it was desperation that made me try acupuncture wish Sarah. I was shocked at how little the needles bothered me! I was blown away by Sarah’s attentiveness to my concerns. I have had one period since starting acupuncture and a few herbs. It was a breeze! I only wish I would have started this earlier in my life.

I would recommend Sarah and her treatments to anyone suffering from pain.

Kristyn C


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